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I would like to thank you for the opportunity to field test your new product "The Closer". This product is a breakthrough in decoying geese and works like a charm. The realistic wing motion and bent head landing goose position is awesome. It works in low wind pretty well, but where it shines is in moderate to high winds. The wings seem to load up with tension and the flapping motion is super realistic. As you know my hunting style, I like to get the birds in close and to do that nowadays with the super educated geese, I like to distract them from my hiding positions, either pit blinds or layout blinds. So I strategically position "The Closer" a little ways off from my position so I can flag from the pit or layout blind to get their attention and attract them towards the decoys and then I put my hand operated flag away and let "The Closer" work its magic. Often times we come up and the geese are keyed in on "The Closer" and our fist shots are at unsuspecting geese that didn't see our first move and flaring already when we started to shoot. Let's face it, flaring geese are very hard to hit for most people, and my clients score better on geese that are still coming in when the first shots are fired. Thanks again for your constant research and development of new products. This one is a winner!


Ron Ruhr

Out Of The Blue Guide Service

Longmont, Colorado

Hi Randy,

Here is the follow up to the South Dakota Youth hunt. We started out on Friday night with our safety meeting door prizes. Saturday morning came too early and with horrible winds. We hunted all day in 25-35 mph. winds. The temps were in the single digits all day. It was brutal to say the least. The geese were crossing about a mile from our pit. There was no way they could hear the calls in that wind, at that distance. We used our new Double death, and a couple of T-Flags. They definitely made the birds turn towards our spread. We were able to get eleven Canadas for the day. It was too brutal out for pictures.

On Sunday, it dawned a very cold -6! We set up our 30 doz. Big Foots, and got back in the trucks for a long wait. The geese started to move at 1:30. When we went to the pit, there was no wind. We broke out our secret weapon, The Gang Banger. We also used our Double Death and a T-Flag. The flight only lasted a couple of hours, but our young hunters managed another eleven geese. The distances we consistently pulled geese from with your flags was astounding. Many birds were tolled from 1 1/2 to 2 miles. People can't believe what they see when they hunt with us. Time and time again. The boys with us this weekend were fighting to use the flags, to see who could get the geese to react the farthest away. In closing, I want to thank you for your continued support of our Youth Hunt, and developing such fine, quality products. I promise our hunt would have been a bust without the flags on Saturday's extreme conditions. Again thanks for your help!




I’m a 51 year old former goose guide from southern Illinois and have been using your products since they first came out in the early 90’s.  Back when southern Illinois still  wintered a lot of geese, local guides used to staple black fabric to a dowel rod and that was what we used for flagging geese.  But when you introduced your line of products it made our life so much easier, particularly when it is raining or snowing.  As you’re aware, there are a lot of imitations on the market nowadays but in my opinion, you’re products are still the best. My favorite is still your black pole flag. I’ve had one on the end of a B & M 12 foot crappie pole for over 10 years. It’s still my favorite for getting the attention of those distant flocks. Allen McCree once told me “If you can see ‘em you can flag ‘em…and if you can hear them you can call them”.  Pretty good advice in my opinion.

Anyway, thanks for your products.  I’ll continue to use your lander flag and pole flag every day in the pit.  You’re flags are still the best!

Joe Hines
Carterville, Illinois


Thank you very much for the opportunity to field test your new black and white sea duck flags on our recent Old Squaw hunt on Lake Michigan. They were definitely affective on the singles and doubles as we shot 24 drake old squaws between 4 of us. What I thought was the most productive aspect of your new flag product was the contract of black on one side and white on the other. The birds really seemed to respond well to the flagging. I will not go on another sea duck hunt without one of those flags with me!


Dan Wennerlind



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